GDT Pysselmyran...

Hello everyone!
Finally Friday, best day of the week!! YAY!
Today Im showing another card with the cute little Fairytale stamps from Pysselmyran.
This time I've used stamps from two different Stamp-kits and masked them together.
Doesn't they look cute together?!
Papers are from Maja Design and MME.
Then I've used my Spellbinders and Marta Stewart punch.
The little girls is colored with Copics:
Skin: E11-21-00-000-R20
Dark hair: E29-25-21
Blond hair: E35-33-YR23-Y21
Red: R59-37-35
Beige: E44-43-42-41
Shoes: E74-71-70
White: W3-1-0
Have a wonderful Friday everyone!
And a big THANKS for all the lovely comments!!

Postat av: Jeanette - Tettiz

This is sooo cute! I love the combination red, white, and tan - it looks wonderful! :D

2013-02-08 @ 09:13:53
Postat av: Christina

Superfint kort i härliga färger!! Förklädet är bara helt fantastiskt för du har fått fram alla veck så fint!!

2013-02-08 @ 09:16:35

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