Masking stamps at Pysselmyran..

Hello there!!
Finally Saturday and time with the family!
today Im showing a card with the wonderful Fairytale Stamps in Pysselmyrans Blog.
And this time I remembered to take photos as I masked the motifs together.
To see the whole tutorial you can go to Pysselmyrans Blog.
And here is the final card:
I have used five different stamps together for this one.
I kept the card pretty clean and simple though I didn´t wan´t to take focus from the motif.
I have colored it with Copics:
 Skin: E11-21-00-000-R20
Hair: E57-55-53
Sweather: YR23-Y21-04
West: R59-37-35
Jeans: B95-93-91
Shoes: E74-71
Wall: W3-1-5-E74-71
Trees/Green: G20-21-YG63-G94-99-YG23
Trees/Brown: E59-57-55
Grass/Flower: G94-99-YG63-G21
Pole: E18-15-13
Flower: R59-37-35
Have a wonderful weekend!
And thank you so much for stopping by!!!

Postat av: Sinikka

Oj vilket kanon fint kort. Mycket fina stämplar och vilka kanon moln.
Giller det i massor.
Kram Sinikka

2013-02-17 @ 16:51:21

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