My last post for StampARTic...

Yes, you read right. Today Im doing my last card for StampARTic.
There is a time for everything and Im moving on to other assignments.
It´s a little sad leaving all the wonderful girls, and StampARTic have given me so much under these 1½ year.
But it also means new, and exciting, things to come.
Today we are showing stamps from a Swedish stamp company called PhunnyFace:
I've kept the card quite clean and simple. I think Im in my CAS period again. LOL
I tend to switch between Vintage/lots of flower-style and the total opposite CAS.
The sentiment is from Gummiapan.
The image is colored with copics:
Skin: E13-11-00-000-R20
Hair: W9-7-B24-W5
Dress: BG78-75-72-70
Wings: BG34-10
Now jump on over to the blog and watch all the other girls fantastic creations.
Im going to miss you all girls!!
But I will keep stalking you in blogland. LOL
Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.
And thanks for stopping by.

Postat av: Anonym

WOW så läckert och så härligt du har färglagt denna underbara stämpel!Gillar det mörka håret!


2013-02-10 @ 11:17:55
Postat av: Maritha

Sååå himla läckert målat i jättefina färger!! =)Kortet är verkligen grymt fint...


2013-02-10 @ 18:20:33

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