New challenge over at Tiddly Inks...

Hi there lovely friends!
Today it's time for another challenge over at Tiddly Inks.
And this time the theme is Critters!
And that´s very convenient since Christy released a gorgeous new clear stamps Mini and Many Friends. YAY!!
Are they just not the cutest mini's ever??! Love them!
I have kept the cards clean and simple.
They are colored with copics,and the sentiments are from Gummiapan.
Don't forget to jump on over to the challenge Blog and check out all the wonderful creations!
See you soon again!

Postat av: Lou

oh I love them all asa!!they are just sooo cute!!
huge hugs Lou xxx

2013-02-19 @ 08:45:46
Postat av: Sinikka

Mycket enkla men ursöta kort. Gud så fina stämplarna är.......och kanon hur du har färglagd igen
Kram Sinikka

2013-02-19 @ 18:45:09
Postat av: Åsa I

Supersöta och rätt enkla dvs helt i min smak! Gillar massor.

2013-02-19 @ 21:24:46
Postat av: Pysselfröken

Men gud så söta!

2013-02-23 @ 17:59:06

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