New challenge over at Tiddly Inks...

Good morning Everyone!
It's time for another challenge over at Tiddly Inks.
This time it's all about [LOVE]
Valentines Day is coming and we are celebrating it; challenge style!
I've colored lovely Wryn with my Copics.
Combining here with soft and wonderful Pion papers.
Now don't forget to check out the rest of the DT crews amazing creations!
AND - don't forget that Christy is releasing some GORGEOUS clear stamps next week!!
Yes, you don't want to miss that!!
Thanks for stopping by!
Love ya!

Postat av: Lou

Morning asa!
oh I just love this to bits! its so pretty! and yummy colouring too!
huge hugs Lou xxx

2013-02-05 @ 08:16:00
Postat av: Kjersti

Så lekkert Åsa, nyyydelige farger og pynt - den rammediesen er jo bare helt skjønn!
Ha en fin uke!
Klem fra Kjersti:)

2013-02-05 @ 09:46:27

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