New release at Some Odd Girl...

Hi again peeps!
Yes, can you believe, two postings at the same day!!
Some Odd Girl is having a wonderful Digi release this week - all in the theme of Fairys!
Today we are starting with Pixie:
I've done a very clean and simple card, with papers from Maja Design and Pion.
Distressed the edges with Walnut Stain and added some wonderful Prima corners.
Here comes a little close-up.
Just wanted to show you the glittery wings.
And they are so hard to photograph. LOL
Doesn't it look fantastic?!
I've used the following copics:
Skin: E13-11-00-000-R20
Hair: E57-55-53-51
Dress: BG 75-72-71
Thanks for stopping by!

Postat av: Leah Crowe

Oh wow, her wings are amazing!! HEck, your whole card is really.. so very beautiful!

2013-02-04 @ 17:22:40
Postat av: Faye

What lovely colours and the corner pieces are a perfect finishing touch. X

2013-02-04 @ 19:19:19

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