Pennant card for Copic Marker Europe...

Hello there everyone!
Thank you SO much for stopping by at my little crafting space.
Today Im going to show a card I´ve made for Copic Marker Europe!
I hope you haven´t missed there new fancy Blog Layout?!!
It´s all new and fresh.
I really like pennants, in all shapes, so today Im going to show you a card in the shape of one.
I´ve used red and white dotted papers from Jillibean Soup together with kraft and white cardstock.
I´ve used my Spellbinders to cut out the shapes around the image.

The image is a stamp from Sweet Pea Stamps.
I´ve colored her with the following copics:
Skin: E21-11-00-000-R20-11
Hair: E18-15-13-21-33
Leafs: G21-BG96-BG99
Flower: R59-37-35-29-W5
When I color skin I always color from dark to light, and then end with the cheeks.
When I color hair I usually do the opposit, I color from light to dark.
This makes more contrast in the hair, and I like that.
Have a wonderful Weekend!

Postat av: Pernilla/pillan

Vilket snyggt kort! Jag är också barnsligt förtjust i vimplar... Mycket bra ide, kanske härmar dig. Tack för inspirationen.

2013-02-03 @ 18:10:01

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