Featured digi at Some Odd Girl...

Hi there everyone!
And welcome back to reality. LOL
Yes, back to work, school and kindergarden.
It´s been nice with almost two weeks holiday, but I´ve could have been off a couple of weeks more I think.
Today we are featuring Spectacular Soiree in the SOG blog:
The image is Copics.
They are so cute together!
The card is kept pretty clean and simple,
to put a little more focus on the image it self.
Don´t forget that Some Odd Girl is heading up for the big Anniversary soon!
Keep an eye on the blog, ´cause it´s going to be lots and lots of fun coming.
See you tomorrow again!

Postat av: Christina

Åh den är så fin den stämpeln!! superfint färglagt!!

2013-01-07 @ 14:49:07
URL: http://scrapkammaren.blogspot.com

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