Kraft cardstock... one of my Must-Have in my crafting corner.LOL

I just love it, both for cards and to color on.
Here comes a card Im showing at Scrap-Perra today.

I´ve colored with Copics directly on the kraft CS.
I think it gives a smoth and warm feeling to the motif.

Don´t forget that Scrap-Perra gets all the Copics to the store this week.
Keep your eyes at the webshop. LOL

Im also happy to say that my Copic Workshop at the big Scrap- and Pearl Event in Globen is already filled!!
Im SO excited! It's going to be so much fun!
Thank you to everyone who is coming and coloring with me.
Have a nice day everyone!
See you soon.

Postat av: Emelie

Super snyggt! Älskar dessutom stämpeln! Motivet är super sött!

2013-01-29 @ 09:07:10
Postat av: Mai-Lill

Du är min absolut största inspirationskälla! Tack för allt fint du visar och alla bra tips! Vi ses i Stockholm på workshopen. Tjoho!

2013-01-30 @ 22:48:10

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