New challenge at Some Odd Girl...

Wow, two postings on the same day! And the first day of the new year.
What a start! LOL
Well, it´s a new month and a new challenge over at Some Odd Girl.
We are interpreting one of Kristy´s lovely sketches.
Here are my take:
I´ve used my favourite clearstamp Angel Gwen and colored her with Copics.
Papers from MME.
Don´t forget to check out all of the DT-girls amazing creations in the SOG-Blog.
Have a wonderful first day of 2013!

Postat av: Lou

awww omgosh this is too cute Asa! I love the way you coloured her dress.
huge hugs Lou xxx

2013-01-01 @ 17:35:03
Postat av: Christina

Superfint kort!! Papperna är såå himla fina!

2013-01-01 @ 20:02:02

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