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Welcome to Some Odd Girls January Birthday Party Release and Celebration Blog Hop!

On January 18th Some Odd Girl is celebrating our 3rd Birthday and we are having a Party Themed Clear Stamp Release on Monday as part of the party. We’re kicking off the festivities today with a blog hop where you can see the release and be entered to win a set of your very own.

Here’s our hop list:

Some Odd Girl Blog

Leah C
Asa <——————-YOU ARE HERE
Some Odd Girl Community

Kristy are releasing some new wonderful Clear Stamps next week I can tell you!
And we are giving some sneaks through the Hop.

I´ve used Puppy Love Mae, and colored her with my Copics.

Papers from MME and Prima. Flowers from WOC.
All edges are distressed with Walnut Stain.

Isn´t she such a cutie.

Every comment you leave is an entry to win one of the new sets we’ll be releasing Monday and you’ll see as you hop. You can hop now thru Sunday January 13th at midnight EST.

You might notice the last stop on our hop is something new, its something we’ve been working on getting ready and we’d love to introduce you to our new Community! Its the last stop of the hop and to get your entry there all you need to do is sign up. We have 3 new sets we’ll be giving away and 1 will be drawn from our new Community Members. We’ll also be using our community all next week to celebrate our birthday with games, challenges, contests and giveaways so stop by and get familiar. I can’t wait to see you there! 

Now continue your hopping!

Your next stop is Kristy.


Postat av: Pam Ramesh

Love the coloring. Beautiful card. TFS

2013-01-11 @ 15:12:31
Postat av: Leah Crowe

Asa, she is gorgeous!! LOVE how you colored that sweet pup up... gorgeous card too!!!

2013-01-11 @ 15:15:15
Postat av: Christina

Så himla fint Åsa!! helt ljuvligt!

2013-01-11 @ 15:15:21
Postat av: Zoe Young Kirkby (@CraftygasheadZo)

Aw she's gorgeous! Love your colouring. Take care ZO xx

2013-01-11 @ 15:16:29
Postat av: Ewelina

So wonderfull card !!! I love your work!

2013-01-11 @ 15:20:16
Postat av: Sara I.

Love this new stamp and how soft and pretty you made her. Gorgeous card - the doily and flowers are just perfect! xx

2013-01-11 @ 15:27:18
Postat av: mary pat

love the soft colors!

2013-01-11 @ 15:34:23
Postat av: Jane

This is fabulous, your colouring of the dress is amazing!

2013-01-11 @ 15:50:07
Postat av: Anonym

Love this image and your card is beautiful.

2013-01-11 @ 15:55:34
Postat av: Tina

lovely card, amazing colors and details...she is beautiful

2013-01-11 @ 15:56:42
Postat av: Sara S.

Absolutely beautiful card! I love the new stamp and your coloring is stunning especially on her dress!

2013-01-11 @ 15:57:50
Postat av: Tabbatha S

Your soft style is always so gorgeous. Her dress is amazing, but nothing compared to that gorgeous texture on the puppy. I'm also jealous on how well your picture came out, considering we have NO sun here in Sweden right now. :D

Svar: Thanks Tabbatha!I´ve got a little portable photobooth, so I can take pic´s all day around! he, he! It´s the best investment I´ve made so far. :) (except my precious Copics that is... ;) )
Scraphorse - Åsa

2013-01-11 @ 15:59:21
Postat av: Ange

Super cute!

2013-01-11 @ 16:37:08
Postat av: Zildara

Hej Åsa!
I really envy the way you get the colors just right every time! Your card is gorgeous! =)

2013-01-11 @ 16:46:47
Postat av: Marcy L

Beautiful! The colors you chose are so soft and sweet!

2013-01-11 @ 17:24:49
Postat av: Stacy B

What a beautiful card. I love this Puppy Love image and love your treatment of her, especially the freckles! Thanks for sharing.

2013-01-11 @ 17:25:39
Postat av: Carla Suto

Gorgeous card, Asa! Amazing coloring of the precious image!

2013-01-11 @ 17:28:09
Postat av: Corinne

Such a stunning creation! Wonderful coloring, Asa!!

2013-01-11 @ 17:29:55
Postat av: Faye

Awesome colouring Asa, and I love the soft pretty colours too.

2013-01-11 @ 18:20:27
Postat av: Miriam Prantner

This is A-DORABLE! I love the soft colors and subtle coloring!

2013-01-11 @ 18:23:05
Postat av: Christy

Beautiful card!! I love love love the sentiment! Great coloring too!

2013-01-11 @ 18:30:15
Postat av: Kat

Hi Asa, gorgeous fabby card! Love the super cute image and your stunning colouring
Kat x

2013-01-11 @ 18:36:31
Postat av: Gabrielle

never been to your blog before but will definitely be back. love your work!

2013-01-11 @ 18:37:43
Postat av: Jess Doyle

Wow! Your card is perfection! I love that new stamp and your colouring is fabulous!

2013-01-11 @ 18:39:11
Postat av: Leticia EM

Can't get enough of this image. so cute

2013-01-11 @ 18:40:22
Postat av: Kim Swenson

Really cute card! Beautiful coloring!

Postat av: Yoshira

Gorgeous this new image.

2013-01-11 @ 20:40:42
Postat av: Birgit

This is so sweet!

2013-01-11 @ 21:05:53
Postat av: Jeannean

She does melt my heart!I love the colors you chose! I'm going to check out the rest of your blog too!

2013-01-11 @ 21:31:41
Postat av: Lou Mac

Mad colouring skillz!! So soft and subtle. Perfect folds and creases in her dress and her eyes are the prettiest blue! Such a gorgeous card, I love all of the layers!! xo

2013-01-11 @ 21:37:23
Postat av: Alie

I adore the card layout! The colouring is GREAT!! Very romantic! Just gorgeous!!
Hugs Alie

2013-01-11 @ 21:40:16
Postat av: Lynda

Fabulous coloring on your project!!!

2013-01-11 @ 22:02:31
Postat av: lykta

Vackert som alltid i milda färger! Älskar den dimlila färgen på hennes klänning!

2013-01-11 @ 22:07:58
Postat av: Anonym

Beautiful coloring on her and the puppy, awwwww.

2013-01-11 @ 22:23:28
Postat av: JessicaK

Beautiful coloring on her and the puppy, awwwww.

2013-01-11 @ 22:24:01
Postat av: Sammi

oooh... so sweet! I love this!!!

2013-01-11 @ 23:18:57
Postat av: Kimberli Sarsfield

Wow! I thought Party Girl Gwen was my new favorite but this Puppy Love Mae is coming in for a perfect tie! Loving the muted colors--beautiful card!

2013-01-12 @ 00:13:54
Postat av: jennie

Adorable!!!! Love this stamp and you have coloured her perfectly!! Such a happy card!!

2013-01-12 @ 01:15:55
Postat av: Tracy B

Lovely card. I am a sucker for puppies so this stamp is truly up my ally. Have a great Birthday Celebration Hop. Cheers Tracy

2013-01-12 @ 02:21:15
Postat av: Danni

This is adorable and just so sweet!!

2013-01-12 @ 04:10:44
Postat av: Leanne

I feel like I've been here before! hahaha!!
Aww!! Adorable card Asa! I love how you colored her dress, it looks like satin. What a perfect image!

2013-01-12 @ 06:48:03
Postat av: LaJanette

Wow; fabulous card! I LOVE the softness of it. YOur coloring is awesome and the texture you have given the pup is super cool!

Hoping along:)


2013-01-12 @ 06:55:31
Postat av: kimberly c

wow... beautiful card!!!!

2013-01-12 @ 07:39:13
Postat av: Glynda

I love this image. Great job. Hop Hop Hop. Happy B-day SOG.

2013-01-12 @ 09:15:16
Postat av: Gretchen

Lovely card, she is a cutie.

2013-01-12 @ 10:17:51
Postat av: Alexis Kemp

You are so talented! I love the card and the design and everything! Your coloring is A+. I love the soft colors of her dress. What colors did you use?

2013-01-12 @ 14:12:16
Postat av: Cyndi

I am loving this new release; the images are so much fun.

2013-01-12 @ 14:15:36
Postat av: Anonym

She is adorable,love her.

2013-01-12 @ 15:02:02
Postat av: Diane Fletcher

Great card,love it.

2013-01-12 @ 15:03:25
Postat av: Diane Fletcher

Love it.

2013-01-12 @ 15:05:38
Postat av: olivia

Such a lovely card and love the soft colors.

2013-01-12 @ 15:26:09
Postat av: Inge

Love your coloring!! love the puppy!

2013-01-12 @ 17:01:09
Postat av: Lisa Wolgast

So Elegant! She is adorable! Thanks for sharing your Beautiful work!

2013-01-12 @ 19:24:32
Postat av: Lani

Oh my she is really my fav!! Love it and your card is gorgeous!!

2013-01-12 @ 20:37:58
Postat av: petraso

What a great hop! Älskar din färgläggning ÅSA!!!!

2013-01-12 @ 21:40:45
Postat av: Lucianna

Beautiful, love the soft and subtle colors with the gorgeous embellishments :)

2013-01-13 @ 00:50:26
Postat av: Cathy P in AZ

Wow this is adorable and your coloring is spot on perfect! Her dress is gorgeous!!!

2013-01-13 @ 01:37:49
Postat av: Amy O

Looks great! Nice coloring job!

2013-01-13 @ 04:38:54
Postat av: Adina

Oh wow!! GORGEOUS job with this one... I think I have to get this stamp... it's adorable! :) TFS!

2013-01-13 @ 06:13:10
Postat av: lis-m

Beautiful soft colours, fab card! TFS!

2013-01-13 @ 16:07:03
Postat av: Angie Ha

What a cute image! I love your coloring and the little freckles you added to her.

2013-01-13 @ 16:55:17
Postat av: janine

looks great
adorable image

2013-01-13 @ 19:36:02
Postat av: Nicole

Your card is so beautiful....I love your coloring.

2013-01-13 @ 20:21:51
Postat av: Mary J

Oh this is superb! Love this fresh gorgeous make!

2013-01-13 @ 20:55:16
Postat av: Anonym

GORGEOUS creation!!!! I really want this stamp!!!!

2013-01-13 @ 20:58:01
Postat av: Tina Mayo

coloring is amazing!! beautiful card

2013-01-13 @ 20:58:11
Postat av: Anita A

Amazing card!

2013-01-13 @ 22:00:38
Postat av: Sara Craig

Oooh just gorgeous. Love Mae and the puppy. Divine card.

2013-01-13 @ 23:50:15
Postat av: sharon lee

Oh wow your colouring is amazing and I am in love with your card !!

2013-01-14 @ 00:02:22
Postat av: Lilibet

Gorgeous card as always. Love love love this new puppy image. (:(|)x

2013-01-14 @ 01:49:01

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