Fab Friday at Tiddly Inks...

♥ Thank god it's Friday 
And that means a fabulouse one over at Tiddly Inks!!
Im kicking this weekend off with one of Christys wonderful new Clear Stamps:
This ones called Grow old Friends.
I have colored her with Copics:
Skin: E13-11-00-000-R20
Hair: E18-15-13
Dress: V95-93-91
Owl: W7-5-3-1
Shadows: W3-1-0
I don't remember where the papers comes from, because I took them from the waste paper box.
Dont forget to check back in later today,
when I've posting another card.
♥ See you soon 

Postat av: Donna

I love that you found your papers in the waste paper box Asa... I do that too!! LOL!! This is just absolutely gorgeous and I love the soft cool colours you used! Beautiful work honey! Xx

2013-03-03 @ 05:23:36
URL: http://donna-wardle.blogspot.com/
Postat av: Marlena

So pretty! I love your paper combination.

2013-03-04 @ 10:27:53
URL: http://marlenaspaperparadise.com

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