Last GDT card for Pysselmyran...

♥ Hi there 
Today Im going to show my last card as a guset designer for Pysselmyran and there wonderful Fairytale stamps.
Through this guest period my goal has been to show you as many different ways as possible to use these sweet stamps. And there will be no exception today....
For this card I have concentrated to focus on the many little, but very fun and useful, accesories stamps.
I kept the card very clean and Simple.
Just using little tricks like 3D-dots and distressing to make it pop.
I have colored it with Copics.
Sorry, though I don´t remember all the colors this time... Yes, shame on me!! LOL
I wan't to say Thank You to Sofia, giving me the great opportunity to cteate with her wonderful stamps!
♥ See you tomorrow again 

Postat av: Kimberli Sarsfield

I love this pink/brown twine combo and the card is gorgeous with Heartsy Mae as the star!

2013-03-08 @ 21:22:22

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